Payments with cryptocurrencies

Today we can say that Bitcoin is a foreign currency, with the recognition by El Salvador as a legal tender in its country. Not only is Bitcoin being used as a means of payment, but we have other currencies that have more and more users and followers. If we analyze the top 10 currencies, we can find Etherum, ADA and BNB as the ones with the most capitalization. Ethereum is having a boom mainly thanks to NFT (non fungible token) which are images that can be assigned to an owner and can be passed from one person to another. But before entering this world, it is very important to have a Wallet (wallet) that will allow us to safely store our cryptocurrencies and be able to operate, a recommendation we can make is the Trustwallet where you can transfer the coins you buy to your Coinbase or Binance exchange offices. As a company, you can have and operate cryptocurrencies in order to facilitate transactions for your users. If you want to integrate it with your websites we can help you from concept to implementation.