Shopinion, an innovative web project of the real estate sector

Shopinion, one of our latest projects, has been echoed in the press for being a web platform for citizen participation and business intelligence that is a revolution in the real estate retail sector.


From Alterego Web we have participated in the concept of the web idea and we have developed this project with Fenix, our own CMS, that allows us to adapt to the maximum to the needs and the preferences of each client, personalizing the design and the features.


What exactly is Shopinion? It is a web platform that has been commissioned by Forcadell real estate, which allows residents and workers in a specific area of ​​Barcelona to vote online the type of business they want for empty premises, for sale or rent, in their district. In short, it is a matter of unifying the interests of inhabitants of Barcelona, merchants, owners of the premises and entrepreneurs who want to start a business to preserve the proximity stores and avoid so much turnover and failures in business.


From the point of view of web programming and usability, Shopinion's key has been to add a voting system to existing premises and allow users to make their own proposals in an easy and fast way, specially designed for mobile devices.


The voting system is very simple: you choose the district, you register by creating a user profile and you vote for the business idea that you like the most or propose a new one. The use of social networks in sharing and gaining support in business proposals are also fundamental in this project.


Looking to our client, the added value of the web platform is that we have provided a Business Intelligence tool, creating a complete statistical panel based on districts, projects and voters that allows our client to know the state of the real estate retail market in Barcelona.