The 5 keys to create a good logo

Logo? What do you think about when you hear that word? According to its definition it is one of the most important visual elements of a brand or company, since it will represent it to all its customers. This element will become part of different elements such as the website, visitor cards, ads or social networks thus achieving the maximum possible visibility of it. That is why you should cure your design to the fullest. 

What aspects should we take into account to get a good logo?

1) Your design should be unique. The logo must be different from the one of the competition, so it is advised that your imagos be the more original the better, as well as creative and fresh. The conventional tends not to surprise.

2) You must transmit the values ​​of the company. It is essential that the logo represents the company in all its aspects and transmits its values.

3) Simple and adaptable. The logo must transmit the same force in its adaptation to the different supports. That is why when designing your design you should consider its application in small and large spaces. In addition, we must verify that it reads perfectly in both dark and light backgrounds.

4) Your audience. The logo should represent the essence of the company always taking into account its public.

5) It must last in time. That is why its design should be timeless, remaining unchanged over the years.  In short, a logo must represent a brand at first sight and be impressive enough to be remembered.

For this, its shape, typography and colors will also influence to achieve the good result of the brand. In AEW we advise you and we can make a logo proposal adapted to the values ​​of the brand you want to transmit, as well as its applications in all its formats. Cheer up and contact us.