Technical support

Do you have problems with an email account Outlook does not work? You can not find the way to highlight an entry on your site? Focus on your business! In Alterego Web we help you solve problems related to web, mail, domain management, accommodation etc.

We help in setting up email accounts so you can use clients like Thunderbird or Outlook. We also offer support on for Google Apps because our qualification as Google Partners.

In order to have a website you need a domain. We manage common operations with domains like giving high or low traspassos property and manage these and also take care of the more technical tasks (advanced management Pointers, creating new subdomains or external service configruación).

We use TeamViewer remote connection application when we need to see the same thing you're seeing and finish small configurations that are technically more complex.

What you need to build your web project?




A good domain helps to keep your customers better remember your website.




The ideal home for your website directly affects in terms of performance and safety.



Soporte técnico

Whenever you have a problem you need a quick and customized solution. 

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