Are you an entrepreneur? Are you thinking about reinforcing the business model of your company? Well, that interests you ...

From now on, companies can add to a subsidized program called TIC Cámaras eus will allow them to improve the competitiveness of your company through very useful tools.

But ... what is TIC Cámaras? It's a program co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union, which aims to promote the systematic incorporation of ICT in the usual activity of companies as a key tool of the strategy and be able to improve, as well , Its productivity and competitiveness of companies.

What procedure does this subsidy follow?

This program consists of two phases, of which they enjoy a subsidized part.

Phase 1. Specialized ICT advice. This phase includes the assisted and personalized diagnostic system that consists in carrying out an exhaustive analysis of the digitization of the company, which will allow it to know the scheme and the competitive situation in its economic and market environment .

This phase is subsidized 50% by the European Regional Development Fund and 50% by the Girona Chamber of Commerce.

Phase 2. In this second phase, we proceed to implement the conclusions drawn in the first phase, putting into practice the recommendations proposed above. The European Fund for Regional Development (ERDF) subsidizes 50% of this process.

Reinforcing the business model of your company has never been so easy!